Up and Coming: Hygge Hair

Being from Minnesota, Scandinavian culture is our niche. We’ve incorporated the cuisine and lingo into our everyday lives like grandpa’s favorite, pickled herring, and Skol! (Touchy subject, we apologize). So it’s not surprising that hygge has united itself into our vocab. Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is the Swedish concept of a warm, cozy, and content lifestyle, similar to nirvana.

So what do you think of when you hear “cozy?” A warm campfire? A comforting cup of hot chocolate? Sitting in your stylists’ chair at root salon? Kidding, but also oh-so serious! We want your hair to give everyone those same warm, fuzzy feelings. So what does hygge hair look like?

As much as we love an ashy blonde or a violet brunette, we are welcoming with open arms the newest hair trend of 2018! Think buttery blondes, chocolate browns, fiery auburns, and soft coppers. The plus side of hygge? You can customize these warm tones so they appeal to literally everyone.

Want to see how our stylists are taking on hygge hair? No problem! Let this be your new hair inspo for the year.


Aileen at our Saint Paul location perfected this auburn balayage! With a mixture of a warm red brown base and coppered gold highlights, we can tell the fiery passion that went into this application.


Emma at our Saint Paul location is a MASTER at hair painting. The warmth in the brown and golden highlights are giving us LIFE!


Emma is also the mastermind behind this buttery blonde. The highs and lows in this application are stunning. This glowing color is making us melt!


If you’re looking for your red-head guru, Quincee at our Saint Paul location is your girl! Not only is this copper shade gorgeous, but Q and her client also incorporated some fun, peachy highlights that will definitely turn heads!

So are you ready to hop onto this trend? Let us know what you think! Our stylists at root are always available for a free consultation to make your hygge dreams come true!


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